Spa Services

Best Face Forward (45-60min)     $80

Make an amazing first impression with a personalized skin evaluation, cleanse, exfoliation, necessary extractions/ingrown removal, face and neck massage, and specialized mask/treatment to address specific areas of concern, finished with a skin specific moisturizer and SPF. Add-on treatments including chemical peels and waxing are priced separately. *Please book at least 48 hrs. in advance if for a specific event so that any extractions made will not be visible*


I've Got Your Back Jack (45-60min)    $80

Hot Date? Pool Party? Look great coming AND going with a shave/trim of any back hair, plus a cleanse, exfoliation, necessary extractions/ingrown removal, back massage, back mask, hand and arm massage and finished with a pH balancing moisturizer. *Please book at least 48 hrs. in advance if for a specific event so that any extractions made will not be visible*


Teen Facial (45-60min)     $55

Whether he’s at the 50-yard line or the 3rd violin to the left, hook your kid up with a custom facial designed to address all the skin issues that come along with hormones and homework stress! A gentle cleanse, exfoliation, necessary extractions, plus an acne mask/treatment to calm and soothe inflamed and problematic skin, ending with teen-specific skin education and product recommendations.


Brow Wow (30min)    $25

Unibrow? Nope. Mad Scientist eyebrows? Hard pass. Raise brows for the right reason with eyebrow shaping for your specific face and eye shape, including waxing and tweezing & trimming of the brows.

Back Trim (20min)    $25

Removal of back hair as well as upper arm and shoulder hair with a quick, non-invasive trim. A lighter, faster version of our Back Treatment for when you don’t have time for the full shebang.


Can You 'Ear' Me Now? (15min)    $15

Listen up! Your ears are telling you something: They don’t want to be hairy. Give ‘em a fast waxing for complete hair removal around the entire ear. A great service just before or after your haircut.


The Nose Knows (15min)    $15

Got a few stray hairs peeking out of the cave? We’ll take care of ‘em. Breathe easy! You don’t have to worry about constant trimming when you’ve got a clean, hair-free nose.


Teeth Whitening (60min)   $140

Bring back that sparkling smile! Years of coffee, red wine, and cigars don’t stand a chance against the power of the Da Vinci Teeth Whitening System. We use professional whitening gel combined with an LED blue laser light to obliterate stains and uncover your bright, white, knock ‘em dead smile.

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