Pomp & Circumstance: Men's Hair Trends

“I had my hair piled high and my baby just looked so right”

Rock This Town by The Stray Cats

Tall hair is back. One of the hottest cuts requested right now at Barbershop Jack is the Pompadour – even if guys don’t use that term. Trimmed on the side and back, and wayyyy tall on top. Think Bruno Mars. Or Elvis Presley in the 50’s. Or Ronald Reagan in the 80’s. As cuts go, it’s a great way for guys to show off their hair without going the “long hair” route. Over the years, women have gotten into the act, too, including actress Bette Davis in the 40’s and current pop stars Gwen Stefani and Pink. The hairstyle was actually named after a woman, France’s Madame de Pompadour (the mistress of King Louis XV). Somewhere along the way, guys hijacked the look and never let go.

The style has taken several detours over the years, including the rockabilly-inspired D.A. (think Grease or The Stray Cats), the Mohawk/Pompadour hybrid known as the Quiff, and the Razor Faded Pompadour which blends a fade, a side part, and the classic Pompadour. Just watch any given episode of The Bachelorette and about half of the “bro’s” will be sporting a Razor Faded Pompadour. The best part about this cut is that it transcends both age and race. James Brown and James Dean wore it equally well, as did actor Luke Perry and R&B singer Miguel. It’s one of the rare styles that looks great in both Twilightand The Sopranos.

Thinking of growing a Pomp? As long as you’ve got the hair, Barbershop Jack can get you there. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of product on hand and some extra time in the morning to commit to the ‘do. And if you’re new to the Pompadour game, bring in a photo of the person you think wears it best. The guys at Barbershop Jack will take it from there.

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